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People won’t reblog because they don’t want their blogs to look as ugly as their hearts.

oh my gosh :(
omfg :’c
Oh my god! )’: 




People won’t reblog because they don’t want their blogs to look as ugly as their hearts.

oh my gosh :(

omfg :’c

Oh my god! )’: 

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Chapter 22.


Thoughts of Chris saying he wanted to be together forever were still running through my head for the past two days. It was actually kind of scary. I wonder if he was serious about this whole situation or if he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. I love Chris, he’s not my first love or anything but he is someone I know I truly care about and I wouldn’t have to think twice about it. He was mine and I’m proud to say it. It was 12 noon, I was out with Diane. I had just picked up from the groomers, she looked so pretty to be honest. They gave her a pink bow and tutu, and they also gave her a pink studded dog collar with a heart shaped tag. They definitely had her dolled up, I had to admit it. She was sitting in the passenger seat sound asleep. She looked so peaceful, but I’m just so glad she wasn’t all hype and shit tryna look out the windows like other dogs do. I heard a growl that came from my stomach and I already knew what that meant. I was hungry as hell, I forgot I didn’t even eat breakfast. I looked around and saw a McDonalds, it’ll have to do for now. I made my way over there. I was debating if I should go in or stop at the drive-thru. I looked down at my clothes to check if I was decent enough. I had on a short-sleeve denim top with khaki shorts and brown moccassins. Yeah, I was decent plus it was only McDonalds. I parked the car and took my key out of the ignition. I looked over at Diane who was now awake.

"Be a good girl for mommy, okay?" I said shooting her a smile. She then wobbled over in my seat and licked the side of my face then got back in the passenger seat. I thought that was so cute, I’m guessing it was like a goodbye kiss or something. I stepped out of the car and walked into McDonalds then made my way over to the counter. The guy at the cash register was pretty cute, he had light caramel skin and short curly hair.

"Can I help you?" He said with a heavy accent, with a gold tooth in the front of his mouth while licking his lips and admiring my body.

"Ummm…" I said looking at the menu. "Can I have a McChicken, medium fries and medium vanilla milkshake?" As he was taking my order my phone began to vibrate in my pocket, I quickly pulled it out and it was Chris.

"Babe, where you at?" He said concered over the other end of the receiver.

"McDonalds bae, you want something?" I said holding up one finger, telling the cashier to hold on.

"Yeah. I want two double cheeseburgers, large fries and a large lemonade."

"I should’ve known, you fat ass. But, I’ll be there in a few. I love you." I said slightly shouting to him.

"Love you too babe." He said before he hung up. I glanced at the cashier, he had shot me a dirty look like he was annoyed.

"Sorry about that, but can I have a—"

"So, that was yo’ man?" He said cutting me off.

"Yep. Now, can I have a—"

"Lemme replace him." He said biting down on his bottom lip. He was really getting on my nerves right now, but I had to deal with him because I was hungry as hell right now.

"Can you quit the bullshit and take my order?" I said folding my arms.

"Fiesty. I like it." He said licking his lips and dimming his eyes at me.

"ANYWAYS, Can I have a McChicken, medium fries, medium vanilla milkshake, two double cheeseburgers, large fries and a large lemonade." I said quickly before he had the chance to cut me off again.

"Mm, aight." He said glaring at me. He was really irking me now, at first it was okay but now it needed to stop.

"Here you go." He said taking me out of my thoughts. He handed me a big bag and I checked to see if everything was in there.

"You don’t trust me, already? That’s not good in a relationship."

"Ugh, fuck this." I grabbed the bag and drinks then stormed out of there. He was pissing me off, but he wasn’t gonna ruin my day. When I got outside the sun was still beaming. While I was getting in my car, I looked to my left and noticed a familar face. I didn’t want it to be who I thought it was, but it was him. He was still beautiful like I remembered the last time I seen him. He was wearing a black v-neck and navy blue jeans along with a pair of black and white adidas. I was staring at him and it was like I couldn’t stop and he noticed me.

"Shane, baby?" Trey called out. I felt like I was speechless and when I saw her, that shit put the icing on the cake.

"Who is tha-" Helen said stepping out of the car, just above a whisper but cut herself off when she saw it was me. This whole moment caught me off guard, I never thought I’d see these two at the same place and at the same time. I was lost for words, so I just hopped in my car and quickly sped off. I noticed Diane was sound asleep once again and the sight of her peacefully sleeping made me smile. I hurried home because I really felt like I was tripping right now. When I pulled up in front of the house, I got out the car then walked over to the other side of the car and picked Diane up out of the passenger seat and placed her down then grabbed the McDonalds bag.

"Come on baby." I said walking in front of Diane to the front door, expecting her to follow my lead and she did so. I was too lazy to get my house key out of my pocket so I just knocked on the door.

"I swear this nigga takes forever, all the damn time." I said to myself, becoming impatient.

"I’m coming!!!!" I heard Chris sing from the other side of the door which caused me to giggle.

"Babeeeeee!" He said opening the door then pulling me into a hug.

"Hi to you too." I said giggling. He let me go then grabbed the bag out of my hand.

"FOOD!" He said snatching it and running towards the kitchen. Fat ass. I looked down and seen that Diane was still by my side. I picked her up and walked in the house then kicked the door shut with my foot. I took her over to the couch, kicked off my shoes and laid down next to her. I fell into a quick nap, I needed it.

"Shane?" I heard Chris say. I fluttered my eyes open and saw him hovering over me.

"Yes?" I said in a tiring voice.

"What’s wrong?" He said going to the other end of the couch then lifting up my legs, sitting in the spot they were and placing them in his lap.

"Nothing babe, I’m fine." I said smiling, hoping he would just let me sleep.

"You don’t want your food?" He said beginning to look concerned. 

"No, well not now." I said shaking my head no. I then closed my eyes, hoping he would get the picture. I felt him grab my shoulders and began to shake me.

"SHANE!" He said then bursting out in laughter. I just wanted peace right now and I see sleeping on the couch wasn’t where I would get it. I got up and made my way to the steps. While I was walking up the last flight of stairs, I felt Chris’ foot slide behind me which caused me to trip and fall.

"CHRIS! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" I said yelling. He fell on top of me and began to kiss me all over my neck.

"Who you yelling at?" He said in between kisses. I was so turned on right now, sex is what I needed but I was too lazy to participate.

"Youuu." I said moaning. 

"Lemme take these off." He said unbuttoning my shorts and sliding them down. I watched his every move to see where he was going with this. Before I knew it he bit the middle of my panties, right where my pussy was which sent chills down my spine. I looked down at him and he was sliding my panties down with his teeth.

"You want it?" He said kissing and sucking on my inner thighs. I’m glad he never got straight to it, I liked to be teased. I nodded slowly and bit my lip seductively. He smirked then licked my pussy up and down while gripping my inner thighs and spreading my legs.

"Ohh Chrisss." I said moaning and grabbing the back of his neck.

"Shhh." He said lowly. He blew on my clit, and with that he set it off. I was at my peak and my legs began to tremble.

"Cum for me." He said looking up at me and biting his lip. Before I knew it I let all of my juices released on his tounge and he sucked them all up. After he did that he slid my panties back up for me and picked me up then carried me to our room and placed me on the bed.

"Go to sleep bae." He said smiling. He kissed me softly then left the room, making his way back to the kitchen I guessed. I nodded and let my eyes close.

My day wasn’t so bad after all.


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